Legal Terms

Your privacy is important to Millers Mutual and its family of companies. In the ordinary course of applying for an insurance policy, you disclose a certain amount of information about yourself to us. Millers Mutual Group recognizes that our applicants and policyholders have confidentiality expectations. Therefore, it is the policy of the Company to:

  • Collect only information necessary or relevant to our business.
  • Make a reasonable effort to ensure that information we act upon is accurate, relevant, timely and complete.
  • Use only legitimate means to collect information.
  • Make personal information available to external parties only to respond to legitimate business needs, to regulatory or other governmental authorities or as otherwise permitted by law.
  • Limit employees’ access to those who need, and are trained in the proper handling of, personal information.
  • Following is a summary of the kinds of information that Millers Mutual Group or its agents and brokers may collect, what is done with the information after it is collected, and how you can find out about information, if any, we have about you in our records.

What kind of information we collect about you and from whom?

We obtain most of our information directly from you and the following sources:

  • Applications and other forms, claims reporting forms and other underwriting questionnaires completed by you and for you by your agent;
  • Your insurance agent or broker;
  • Third party reporting agencies which provide data to the insurance industry, such as claims reporting services, insurance service bureaus, and credit bureaus.

What do we do with the information collected about you?

We do not sell or disclose your identity or any other personal information about you to third parties for marketing purposes. Information which has been collected about you, which we keep, will be contained in either our policy records or in your agent’s files. We review it in evaluating your request for insurance coverage and in determining your premium charge. We will also refer to and use information in our policy records for purposes related to issuing and servicing insurance policies and settling claims.

With whom do we share information collected about you?

We only disclose information about you to others as permitted or required by law. In the normal course of conducting our insurance operations to service your account, we may share certain information with other entities. Some examples follow:

  • Our affiliated companies.
  • Your agent or broker.
  • Parties who perform a business, professional or insurance industry support functions for our company, including our reinsurance companies.
  • Independent claims adjuster, appraisers, investigators and attorneys who need the information to investigate, defend or settle a claim involving you.
  • Businesses that help us with information processing.
  • Other insurance companies, agents or consumer reporting agencies as reasonably necessary in connection with any application, policy, or claim involving you.
  • Insurance support organizations which are established to collect information for the purpose of detecting and preventing insurance crime of fraudulent claims.
  • Medical care institutions or medical professionals to verify coverage or conduct an audit of services.
  • Insurance regulatory agencies in connection with the regulation of our business.
  • Law enforcement or other governmental authorities to protect our legal interest or in cases of suspected fraud or illegal activities.
  • Authorized persons as ordered by subpoena, warrant or other court order or as required by law.
  • Certificate holders or policy holders for the purpose of providing information regarding the status of an insurance transaction.
  • Lien holders, mortgagees, lessors or other persons shown on our records as having a legal or beneficial interest in your policy.