Apartment Property Damage Liability

From pots boiling over and cigarettes smoldering to bathtub floods and toilet overflows, negligent resident damages to buildings and neighbors’ property cost apartment owners and managers much aggravation. Landlords with residents who don’t carry liability insurance are forced to file claims for each occurrence, and may likely face an increase in annual premiums as a result.

We offer OwnersPROTECT for building owners/managers

  • A dynamic risk-transfer platform
  • Zero cost to owner
  • Significantly improves NOI

OwnersPROTECT is for property owners/managers with a total of 50 or more rental units. It transfers the financial costs and liability for resident-generated losses by five perils – fire, water overflow, smoke, explosion and resident-induced sewer backup – and fulfills residents’ legal obligations regarding indemnification within their lease agreement. The coverage provides is $100,000 of property damage liability protection from residents, as well as their guests and visiting family members. The owner/manager is the named insured and the premium is simply added to the monthly rent.

Software provides delivery, monitoring and automated reporting process. The platform manages the entire process – either synchronizing data from existing property management software system or through the OwnersPROTECT online administration process.

OwnersPROTECT is brought to you by Riverside Brokerage Services & Powered by Renters Legal Liability® (RLL®).

Available to you through Riverside Brokerage Services

Riverside Brokerage Services is a wholly-owned in-house brokerage set up to provide Millers Mutual’s agency partners access to additional products and programs. Millers Mutual Partner Agents should work with Riverside for quoting and managing OwnersPROTECT with customers. To learn more or to get started, complete and submit the form below, or call Riverside Brokerage Services Development Leader Mike Ebert (717-480-7119).


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