Interns Can Provide Valuable Insight Into Your Company

This summer, Millers Mutual once again welcomed interns to the company. Two out of the three are returning from last summer, with John Gamber (Sales and Marketing) and Hannah Monka (Human Resources) back for another stint at Millers. Along with John and Hannah, Millers was excited to have Jacob Orndorff (Sales and Marketing) be a part of the team.

New this summer, the interns were asked to complete an informational whitepaper that Millers Leadership hoped to gain insight and knowledge from. The topic? Millennials in the Workplace. Who better to ask to dive deeper into this topic than three millennials working at a company whose industry is aging at a rapid rate?

The task was simple. Each intern was assigned a generation that is currently in the workforce (Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials) and research what members of each generation looked for in a first time employer. After compiling this information, each intern was asked to give suggestions on how they would change the company to help attract millennials who will be looking for employment in the future.

Overall, the experience was a great way for the interns to be a part of something that will benefit the company down the road. When asked about the opportunity, Orndorff said, “It made me feel like what we did was beneficial to the company, and gave us a perspective that interns in other companies might not get.”

After compiling the information through interviews, surveys, and secondary research, the whitepaper was complete, and presented by the interns to Millers Mutual’s Leadership Team on July 25th. After the presentation, it was clear to see that some of the suggestions that were brought up were things that the Leadership Team had an interest in changing.

The project gave our interns a chance to do something not many have the opportunity to do; voice their opinion and make a difference in a company.

The insurance industry is aging rapidly and to avoid a gap in employment, many companies have to make changes to attract prospective employees to the field. The interns’ suggestions look like a great place to start.

–John Gamber, Sales & Marketing Intern