10 Reasons We’re Thankful We Work in the Insurance Industry
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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we asked around the office and compiled a list of reasons our employees are thankful to work in insurance.  The insurance industry isn’t seen as the most glamorous of industries, but our employees can’t understand why. It’s a great industry with much to be thankful for. “It’s a gratifying industry […]

Falling Back this Weekend Shouldn’t Be the Only Thing on Your To-Do List
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By: Kerri Roeder, Agency Licensing & Appointment Coordinator It’s that time of year again, time to turn the clocks back and time to check those smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Ready. Break! Oh, hold up there just a minute. There are other areas in our homes that need a little special attention for the upcoming […]

For your client, a Commercial Umbrella Policy could be the difference in keeping their doors open.
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For your client, a commercial umbrella policy could be the difference in keeping their doors open. Need help convincing them that a commercial umbrella is worth the premium? Share these  real-life examples to help them see the light: A man suffers burns to 60% of his body when a gas fireplace in an apartment building […]

Recent changes to Umbrella ACORD Form
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ACORD recently released a new Umbrella application form that is effective November 1, 2017. Please note the changes to this form, and begin using the updated form. More information about this change can be found in the ACORD Forms Notification Service September 2017 Bulletin. You can read the bulletin here >>

Could Your Commercial Clients Survive a Lawsuit?
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Let’s face it—we live in a litigious society. With people filing lawsuits left and right, it’s important to ensure that your clients are protected. How do you do that? A commercial umbrella policy may be the answer. Our own Katie Gouldner provides some insight into how businesses can be affected by a major lawsuit in her […]

Tips to Properly Prepare for a Hurricane
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Hurricane season is quickly approaching. Is your business taking the necessary steps to prepare for the dangers of a hurricane? Here are a few helpful tips from Mutual Boiler Re about how to best prepare your commercial property prior to hurricane season. Tips to Prepare for a Hurricane

Workers Compensation Webinar: Experience Mod 102 to be held on September 5
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Join us on September 5 at 10:00 a.m. for the Workers Compensation Webinar: Experience Mod 102. In this webinar you’ll have the chance to delve deeper by learning how the following impact NCCI experience and formula: indemnity claims expected loss ratio payrolls and class codes frequent v. severity Interested in attending? Contact Mike Ebert, Riverside Brokerage Services at mebert@riversidebrokerage.com to sign […]

Interns Can Provide Valuable Insight Into Your Company
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This summer, Millers Mutual once again welcomed interns to the company. Two out of the three are returning from last summer, with John Gamber (Sales and Marketing) and Hannah Monka (Human Resources) back for another stint at Millers. Along with John and Hannah, Millers was excited to have Jacob Orndorff (Sales and Marketing) be a […]

Millers Mutual Monthly Update: July 2017
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July was filled with more than just fun in the sun for Millers Mutual. We were published in summer 2017 edition of The Big I Virginia, co-hosted a New Construction Bus Tour, welcomed new employees and much more! You can read all about it in your July Millers Mutual Monthly update. Read the full newsletter […]

Workers Compensation Webinar to be held on August 23
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Join us on August 23 at 10:00 a.m. for a Workers Compensation Webinar. In this webinar you’ll have the chance to learn the basics of both Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau (PCRC) and National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI). Our featured presenter will be Christine Plummer, Manager of Regional Underwriting with Eastern Alliance Insurance Group. She’ll […]